Ready To Eat Meals...

If you want to eat healthy, well balances meals but don't have time to plan, shop, and prepare then our Ready To Eat Meals are for you! Each set contains 5 meals which are portion controlled with servings large enough to fill you up but an appropriate size for weight loss or maintenance. Call Stacey at 985-960-3714 for more information. There are several options available:
Paleo Meals:
5 Gluten & Diary Free meals with lean protein & low carbs that range from 350-450 calories for 31.99. A double protein Paleo option is available for 41.99. Save $8-$12 by purchasing a month supply.
Roux 41 Meals
The Regular Paleo option is the same as the Paleo but with brown rice instead of cauliflower rice and whole wheat pasta instead of zoodles for 31.99. The double protein option is 41.99. Save $8-$12 by purchasing a month supply.
5 home style meals from the Roux 41 menu. Portion controlled with lean proteins that are not gluten and dairy free for 32.99. The double protein is 42.99.
5 Gluten & Diary Free breakfast meals for 25.00. Each set contains an egg + meat, quiche, paleo pancake, omelete, and breakfast scramble bowl.
Ordering & Pick Up:
Pre-order by 10pm the Thursday before then pick up your meals Saturday 8am-8pm at Roux 41 or during restaurant hours the rest of the week. Delivery is offered to businesses in St. Tammany Parish on Monday mornings. Please put the name of the business in the notes section when you order.
Now offering a Keto Menu!
The Keto meal option is a low carb, high fat diet. It is much like the Paleo diet in that it is gluten free but does allow for dairy products for 32.99. The double protein is 42.99.